Apple MacBook Air (M2) review: Best Laptop So Far

Apple MacBook Air (M2) review: Best Laptop So Far

Apple MacBook Air (M2) review: Best Laptop So Far. There are goods and then there are those that somehow find their way into every discussion. There are frequently many Apple items mentioned in conversations. Consider the situation where friends,

acquaintances, or coworkers are discussing buying a “nice” laptop and the MacBook is always looming hugely over it. Should I purchase the Pro or the Air? There is a sizable segment of consumers that don’t actually require the MacBook Pro. Perhaps, for this reason, Apple refers to the MacBook Air as the “best-selling laptop in the world.” The MacBook Air has been a popular item for most of its life. It performed well while being incredibly thin and light.

Apple MacBook Air (M2) review: Best Laptop So Far


  • Great design
  • Best battery life
  • Excellent performance

When Apple unveiled the MacBook Air with an M1 CPU in November 2020, the good performance improved to great levels. The MacBook would never be the same again, we predicted at the time, and for all the right reasons. All subsequent computers are often compared to the M1 MacBook Air since it introduced multiple hues of Pro for the first time. So there were sure to be high expectations when the M2 processor was announced, along with the updated MacBook Air.

Can the M2 MacBook Air continue the M1 Air’s enormous success? Absolutely, it can. After more than a month of daily use, we can conclude with certainty that Apple has yet another winner on its hands with the M2 MacBook Air. For additional information, see our review:

Review of the Apple MacBook Air (M2): design, keyboard, and ports

The design of the MacBook Air has mostly remained unchanged since Steve Jobs took the first one out of a manilla packet. Why fix something that isn’t broken, right? That was the adage, and it worked really well for Apple and the MacBook Air. However, 14 years with a comparable design is an extremely long period of time. That’s why Apple has entirely overhauled the M2 MacBook Air – something which may wind up dividing opinions.

Some users might not enjoy Apple’s design reversal because the first MacBook Air was very cozy. But be assured the MacBook Air is still among Cupertino’s most beautiful works of design. The M2 MacBook Air has an oddity in that it does not declare that it is a MacBook Air anywhere on the device. Apple-branded the underside of the notebook with the MacBook logo on the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. It is no longer there on the MacBook Air (no pun intended). Apple MacBook Air (M2) review: Best Laptop So Far

The MacBook Air’s outer shape is now considerably more consistent. All previous MacBook Air models had a tapered wedge, however, that is no longer the case. Apple has lowered the total volume and retained equal height across the device. In comparison to the M1 MacBook Air’s 1.29 kg, the M2 MacBook Air weighs 1.24 kg. The M2 MacBook Pro measures 1.13 cm by 30.4 cm by 21.5 cm, or height/width/diameter, if you’re into the small print. According to Apple, the M2 MacBook’s overall volume has decreased by 20% when compared to the M1 MacBook Air.

How does that actually transfer in practice?

Even after so many years, this laptop continues to be the pinnacle of portability. You hardly ever need to carry your charger around because of the really good battery performance (more on that later in the review). The M2 MacBook Air doesn’t really add much weight to your backpack. It is undoubtedly heavier to carry the Magic Keyboard-equipped M1 iPad Pro. Even the M1 iPad Air with the Magic Keyboard weighs far more than the M2 MacBook Air, in fact.

Apple has also tweaked the look in a subtle way. For instance, compared to the M1 MacBook Air, the M2 MacBook Air’s rubberized feet are significantly better and rest steadily. When kept on a surface, the M2 MacBook Air is better balanced. The M2 MacBook Air actually never gets hot, which is something you can’t claim about any other laptop in this category. On your lap, this still remains the greatest laptop.

  • The M2 MacBook Air’s Magic Keyboard performs flawlessly.
  • The M2 MacBook Air’s illuminated keys are evenly spaced, and typing on it is still a great pleasure.
  • The M2 MacBook Air doesn’t have a lot of space, but even so, typing is a great experience overall.
  • The Esc key has grown slightly in size, while the TouchID key is significantly larger than it was on the M1 MacBook Air.

With the much-needed restoration of the MagSafe port, the port situation on the M2 MacBook Air also improves. How it was missed, oh how! The charging port magnet snapping into place makes a lovely sound. Don’t worry about tripping the cord and damaging your priceless MacBook. The cable, which is now color-coded and included with the MacBook Air, is simply snapped off. You now have a second Thunderbolt/USB-C port thanks to the reappearance of the MagSafe port. The left side still has the two USB-C ports, and the right side has the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Some people who are used to the beloved original design of the MacBook Air may grumble at the appearance of the M2 model. The “industrial” style is more consistent with Apple’s overall product strategy. The M2 MacBook Air is an extremely cool-looking laptop that undoubtedly will attract attention, even with the change in appearance. Brands frequently fail to see how crucial details are to the final effect. With regard to Apple and the new MacBook Air, that cannot be said.

Review of the Apple M2 MacBook Air: Display

Notch. Yes, that is the first aspect of the M2 MacBook Air display that you would notice. Since we were previously familiar with the notch from the 14-inch MacBook Pro, we didn’t find it to be particularly odd-looking. We did question why there was a notch when we reviewed the MacBook Pro and said that Apple must have considered a better use-case scenario for the next MacBook models. With the M2 MacBook Air, that has not happened. We might get to see more with the upcoming MacBook. Why the notch at this time? After using the M2 MacBook Air for a day, you won’t really notice. The M2 MacBook Air does have additional display space as a result of the notch.

The Liquid Retina display has a larger screen than the M1 MacBook Air, measuring 13.6 inches as opposed to 13.3. According to Apple, the M2 MacBook Air has a 25% increase in brightness over the M1 model. That actually means nothing to the untrained eye other than a pleasant note added to the M2 MacBook Air’s marketing spec sheet. We spent a lot of time watching the content because the display is so bright. The brightness levels are ideal, and the color reproduction is precise.


Another notable upgrade to the M2 MacBook Air is the FaceTime webcam. Apple maintained the webcam’s resolution at 720p for years, somewhat unreasonably. The M2 MacBook Air, on the other hand, has a 1080p webcam, and the difference is glaring. FaceTime calls on the M2 MacBook Air sound clearer. The webcams of the M2 MacBook Air and the M1 MacBook Air were compared head-to-head. Although there was a noticeable change in quality, the MacBook Air desperately needed the improvement, so it’s better late than never.
Review of the Apple MacBook Air (M2performance )’s and battery life

The 13-inch MacBook Pro and the M2 MacBook Air were the first devices that use the M2 CPU. Although it was available before the M2 MacBook Air, we haven’t tested the M2 MacBook Pro. This is thus our first experience with Apple’s most recent M-series of CPUs.

There are two variations of the M2 MacBook Air. A base model has a 16-core Neural Engine, an 8-core GPU, and an 8-core CPU with four efficiency cores and four performance cores. The GPU can have up to 10 cores with the other model. Since the review model we used featured an 8-core GPU, there wasn’t much of a performance improvement over the M1 MacBook Air laptop we switched it out for.

According to Apple, graphics performance will be 35% greater on the 10-core GPU. According to reports, the Neural Engine completes some AI-enabled operations 40% faster. Does that affect how it is used on a daily basis? Actually, no. Sincerely, you won’t be playing games on the MacBook. If you have an Apple Arcade subscription, at most, you might treat yourself. If you use a laptop “normally,” such as for writing, creating Excel sheets, giving presentations, using social media, watching YouTube videos, and other similar tasks, you probably won’t notice much of a difference between the M1 MacBook Air and the M2 MacBook Air.

You will definitely notice the difference if you are switching from a Windows PC or even an Intel Mac. However, the M2 MacBook Air is a pretty nice option if your point of contention is that you wish to select between the M1 and the M2 MacBook Air. The review device we used only had 8GB of RAM, which is not the highest capacity. But because many budget-conscious purchasers like the MacBook Air’s base model, it also helps us understand how terrific the M2 model is.

In actuality, practically every user found the M1 MacBook Air to be a near-perfect notebook. The performance of the M2 MacBook Air is improved, although not significantly. Furthermore, the M2 processor isn’t the best M-series processor, let’s face it. These are only available on MacBook Pro models, but they are intended for “Pro” users.

However, if you utilize Photoshop and video editing on a regular basis, you will undoubtedly notice how quickly the M2 CPU performs. When using Photoshop on the M2 MacBook Air, the speed difference is fairly noticeable.

The M1 MacBook Air had, by a wide margin, the best battery life of any laptop we have tested in this area. Apple continues to astound us with the battery life of the M2 MacBook. On a full charge, the MacBook Air’s battery might last anywhere from 15 to 18 hours. Any way you look at that figure, it’s a testament to how exceptional the M-series of CPUs are. When it comes to laptop battery life, the M2 MacBook Air sets a new standard.

The audio system on the M2 MacBook Air has been improved by Apple. A four-speaker sound system with two tweeters and two woofers is now available. Along with Dolby Atmos, spatial audio is also supported. This is undoubtedly an improvement over the M1 MacBook Air in terms of specs, but in our testing, there wasn’t much of a change. Actually, the M1 MacBook Air sounded superior when it comes to vocalists in some musical genres.

Review of the Apple MacBook Air (M2): Conclusion

When Apple introduces a new generation of devices, the preceding one is typically discontinued. With the MacBook Air, though, that hasn’t been the case. Even though it was released about 18 months ago, the M1 MacBook Air is still available and is less expensive than the M2 MacBook Air. Starting at Rs 1,19,900, the M2 MacBook Air has an attractive new appearance. The M2 processor, which improves upon an existing successful CPU, demonstrates Apple’s dominance in the chipset market.

The performance boost may not be particularly visible, but it is discernible enough. Many purchasers will take issue with the M2 MacBook Air’s brand-new shape because the old wedge design is still favored by many. The M1 MacBook Air is the main rival to Apple’s M2 MacBook Air. As long as you aren’t looking for everything brand-new and shiny from Apple, the M1 MacBook Air is still a fantastic option for the majority of purchasers for Rs 99,900.

Having said that, the M2 MacBook Air is another success for Apple. If you purchase it, you may be sure that, barring accidents and bad “luck,” you are covered for the following 4-5 years. Choosing between the M1 and M2 MacBook Airs is the Rs 20,000 conundrum at hand. The M2 MacBook Air comes with a faster processor, a MagSafe charging port, a better webcam, and many other improvements. For the majority of customers, Apple has improved its finest laptop, which is always a good thing.

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