Business for sale lane County Oregon

Are you trying or in the struggle to buy a running business in Lane County Oregon? Business for sale lane County Oregon are most profitable and you can start any business here without any registration. If you want to register your business in County Oregon, the process is much simpler and easy. Because the counties have their own selected government and are governed by commissioners and judges as federal govt system.

In this article, we will provide a complete guide about the businesses for sale in Lane County Oregon. All the tiny information regarding selling business will be discussed here. Business for sale lane County Oregon

Introduction to County Oregon the US State

County Oregon is a US state which has thirty-six counties and only nine counties have the right of choosing their government through voting. These counties have their own commissioner-board and judicial system and judges to govern these counties.

These counties observe the power system like other federal government systems. Until February 14, 1859, when it obtained statehood, Oregon was governed as a provincial state. Oregon’s FIPS state code is 41, and its postal abbreviation is OR. Each item includes the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) code, which the US government uses to identify counties especially.

Business for sale lane County Oregon
Business for sale lane County Oregon

List of Business for sale lane County Oregon

Here is a list that will help you to find a business according to your skill and budget. The running business which you can handle easily, you will find them easily.

  • Restaurants that are ready as Business for sale lane County Oregon
  • Juice bars
  • Commercial and residential pest businesses
  • Pottery business
  • Healthcare items that are ready as Business for sale lane County Oregon
  • Coffee café that are ready as Business for sale lane County Oregon
  • Mobiles supply
  • Transport equipment
  • Plumbers’ business that are ready as Business for sale lane County Oregon
  • Pet wastage companies
  • Construction business
  • Educational services
  • Saving consultation business

These are some of the businesses for sale in County Oregon. Below we will discuss all the companies and occupations you can choose one of them wisely as your profession.

Business for sale lane County Oregon
Business for sale lane County Oregon

Education Service Business w/Strong Net

Oregon Lane County

Asking Price: $395,000,

 Annual Revenue: $377,000

This Top Tier Private Tutoring franchise specializes in providing individualized, in-home, and online tutoring to students to help them accomplish their academic and personal goals. Since 2010, this company has consistently offered high-quality supplemental education to 200+ families annually, while also providing 100+ employee tutors with year-round part-time employment that comes with high rewards and significant responsibility. That is ready as Business for sale lane County Oregon.

This company has a broad authority that covers the entire state of Oregon.

Market competition

This is one of the top brands in the sector despite the highly fragmented competition. Infinite scalability is offered by this business, which has Oregon as its entire region because of the demand for new services brought on by distance learning with a live-online delivery method.

Reason behind selling

The owner shows his personal reasons behind selling this running business.

Property Features

This is a home-based property and the owner is willing to guide properly the new owner about all the features and plans.

Blue Coast Savings Consultants

There is NO better business strategy for thriving during periods of inflation, recession, and instability. By assisting businesses in making prudent financial decisions, we assist you in generating the ideal MONTHLY cash flow for years. Purchase a SMARTER company model as soon as possible. We will guide you properly in every aspect.

The most intelligent business strategy ever established is profit consulting. Once the task is done, you might continue to collect monthly residuals for the next 5 to 10 years. In a market that is driven by inflation and recession, CONSISTENT CASH-FLOW is essential. It’s ideal for professionals looking for security, such as those who desire a retirement business and those who want to leave their regular jobs.

We assist businesses in resolving issues they are unable to resolve on their own, and we do so at NO COST to them. We either identify cost savings within their present budgets or there is NO FEE. We accomplish this without requiring our clients to change their vendors or suppliers. During the 2008 recession, we experienced record years!

Cool, Popular Downtown Eugene Bar and Grill

Asking price: $ 129,000

Annual profit: $310,426

Location: Eugene, OR

Business type: Bars, Taverns, Pubs, Lounges

Are you interested and can handle bartending with your partner? Have enough budget, then here is an ideal opportunity for you to invest in this bartending business. This café offers a Stylish, well-liked downtown Eugene pub and grill with fantastic bartenders, intense cocktails, bar cuisine, and games.

This location is perfect for luring local regulars and visitors to explore the historic downtown community because it is close to all hotels and public places. This is an excellent chance for a bartending couple or individual wanting to take over a full on-premises OLCC license because of the excellent lease, increased income post-pandemic, and the steady return of office employees to nearby businesses. That is ready as Business for sale lane County Oregon.

Reason for business sale

The owner shows divestment behind selling this business. This is a lease property and the owner also shows his availability to train the new owner on all the options and opportunities for this bartending business.

Pet Waste Management Company

Asking price: $80,000

Annual profit margin: $443,000

Location: county Oregon

Business type: animals waste collection

Vehicle and equipment assets are included in the transaction price. Vermont’s entire state is a part of the conservation area. The expanding pet waste management company provides a variety of revenue streams, such as animal poop collection (dogs, horses, and geese), yard deodorizing services, brown yard spot treatment, commercial pet waste station services, and more.

Due to the thorough training and continuous corporate support, no prior experience is required for this business. This business has an outstanding reputation in the field and is a high demand and ongoing long-term business growth.

Also, the building is rented.

Mobility Plus

$50,000 in minimum cash is needed.

$249,992 in total; and $55,000 in franchise fees

Your community members’ lives will be changed by the goods and services you offer as a Mobility Plus franchise owner. Every day, the mobility consultants working in your retail showroom will be present to make sure your clients are directed to the best options for their mobility requirements. As dependable guides, your Home Access Service Team will assist family members in navigating their homes safely. That is ready as Business for sale lane County Oregon.

With each of our vendors providing you with access to the best price models, the Mobility Plus network represents a huge buying volume. Instead of focusing on low-return, insurance-driven transactions, we base our business on private pay transactions with a range of financing solutions to suit the demands of our clients.

We’re searching for gregarious franchise owners, experienced in sales, marketing, and/or management, and focused on getting things done, a person with interpersonal skills, team leadership skills, and the desire to succeed!

Residential and Commercial Plumbing biz

Asking price: $350,000

Maximum annual profit: $417,481

As a journeyman plumber, are you sick of working for others? Why not consider a complete firm that has been in operating for a while rather than launching a business in your garage?

This commercial and residential plumbing company in Lane County maintains a solid reputation and receives a lot of repeat business through recommendations and Buz-Marketing. That is ready as Business for sale lane County Oregon.

Perfect for a journeyman plumber wishing to go it alone! To provide a solid start for the new owner, the seller will train, create introductions, etc.

Reasons behind selling

The owner shows his retirement behind his business sale. This is not a home-based business and the property is rented. So, a great opportunity for a professional plumber to consider.

Reputable Equipment Transport & Tow Company

Asking price: $770,000

Average yearly profit: $ 970,236

Location: Lane County Oregon

After decades of excellent service, a well-known equipment transport and towing company in Lane County is all set to hand over the keys! This company is known for completing tasks on time! consists of many trucks, trailers, and other kinds of machinery to handle all elements of the business. That is ready as Business for sale lane County Oregon. The price is determined by the total FF&E value.

Reason behind selling

The only reason behind selling is the retirement of the owner. This is a leased property and the owner does not show his intentions to train the next business owner.

Mobile floral supply route with inventory

Asking price: $129,000

Maximum annual outcome: $98,965

Location: Lane County

This mobile floral supply company is working for a long time and provides PNW florists with the NON-PERISHABLE items they require to operate their businesses. This business is ideal for shopkeepers who cannot buy all floral items in bulk like flowers, ribbons, and vases. That is ready as Business for sale lane County Oregon. This is a revolutionary and profitable business in a sense as its location is ideal and easy on-site purchasing is its other bright side of revenue taking. The ideal buyer must like interacting with people, assisting them in fulfilling their product needs for the coming week, and serving as a trustworthy supplier of non-perishable items to the PNW florist industry.

Reason for selling

The only reason behind this running business is the owner’s retirement. The owner can guide and train the next owner for operating this floral business. This building is also on lease and its rent is $550.


Business for sale lane County Oregon
Business for sale lane County Oregon

In the bottom lines, we can suggest some of the most profitable and long-term running businesses that you can take hold with confidence.  The above-provided list shows the business for sale in Lane County Oregon. You can purchase any of them according to your budget, interest, and belongings.

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