6 Business for sale near me New York

Are you currently living in the state of the USA and want to purchase a profitable running business?

We are here to provide all essential and basic information about all business for sale near me (New York). In this article, all the opportunities and profit giving industries will be disclosed so that you can choose one of them according to your skill and budget you have. New York is one of the biggest states in the USA that provides trillions of people the opportunities and feed them through tiny to large industries.

If you are an old residentiary or wants to settle in the New York city, you can search and find new updates about business for sale near me.

Introduction to the New York city

The capital of the USA and known as “The Big Apple” and “The City that Never Sleeps”, the “New York” city is the most glamorous and productive city in the world. This city is a trendsetter of the whole nation and has the biggest economy, cultural capital and businesses.

Years of immigration, many of whom saw the Statue of Liberty defending New York Harbour as their first sight of America, and sizable expatriate populations, including the United Nations headquarters there, have shaped the city’s ethnic diversity. Looking for business for sale near me

It is in New York’s southernmost region. Currently, the city is home to about 8 million people, and the larger New York metropolitan area is home to over 22 million people. Because Wall Street, the One World Trade Centre, and the American stock market are located there, it is known as the financial center of the United States.

The most culturally and spiritually diverse city in the nation, New York is also the most financially organized, most crowded, and, in the eyes of many, the most attractive urban center.

Being a global city, New York City is known for its tall buildings, famous restaurants, and popular attractions including the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and the Empire State Building.

Business for sale Near me
Business for sale Near me

Classification of business for sale near me

As we know, the New York city is famous for its economy and has trends changing effects on the world’s economic and financial aspects. So, the business variations are also on the top. Here are a lot of industries and business sectors which contributing in the economy of the state.

Here we providing a list of businesses that can be divided into variant categories and you can purchase any of them now. The most profitable and growing business for sale near me categories are below.

  • Gas stations
  • Health care business
  • Food and beverages
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Laundries
  • Home decor items
  • Floral shops
  • Grocery supplies
  • Salons
  • Repairing centers
  • Adult day care centers
  • Dry cleaning business

Branded Gas Station In New York For Sale

Asking price: $360,00

Annual profit: $3,420,000

Cash needed:  $144,000

On Long Island, there is a busy location with a branded petrol station and a large grocery shop. The company pumps 120,000 gallons each month at a profit of.20 cents per gallon. They also sell diesel. The shop offers lottery, beer, cigarettes, cigars, vapes, an ATM, coffee, and breakfast, among other things.

The store’s monthly gross sales are over $36,000, and the lottery winnings generate a commission of $2,000 each month. The lease for the company is for 15 years. It is now run by two partners; however, they are going upstate to start another company.

The property owner gives the business 3% cash back because it sells an adequate quantity of petrol, significantly lowering the monthly rent. For someone looking to acquire their first petrol station, it is a fantastic chance.

The seller’s annual net cash flow is $144,000 after every expense has been paid.

Location: Suffolk County, New York

Selling reason: personal

assets/furniture cost: $80,000

Stock value: $ 35,000

Coffee Shop Asset Sale In New York For Sale

Asking price: $150,000

Location: Suffolk County, Newyork

Reason behind selling: personal

Established from: six years

Furniture value:  $125,000

This gorgeous and attractive ice-cream and coffee shop is located in an alluring and charming place that is surrounded by a large hotel, various grocery stores, and cuisines. Enjoy an extensive range of tasty coffees & sweets here.

The present seller has other business commitments that prevent him from giving this wonderful enterprise his complete attention. We are therefore looking for a knowledgeable, experienced operator to take over and make the most of it.

This offer is made even more appealing by the amazing lease fee of only $3,500 per month, which includes water, garbage, and landscaping. Great options are being provided by the landlord to guarantee your success. You have the chance to dramatically expand the current firm as a hands-on buyer and generate a net cash flow of 25%.

The purchaser will require a down payment of $50,000 to secure this fantastic offer. A few months’ rent security deposit, which is equal to one month’s rent, as well as a dollar-for-dollar payment for inventory will also be necessary. Take advantage of this chance now.

Profitable Laundry Service In New York For Sale

Asking price: $125,000

profit margin: $ 45,000

Cash flow: $75,000

Location: Nassau County, New York

Reason for sale: personal

Employees: 1 FT

Established from: six years

we are Leading a laundry service company in Nassau County known as Expandable Local Laundry. We offer a dependable pick-up and delivery service for busy people and families.

We are the first choice for anyone looking for a hassle-free laundry experience because of our solid reputation and expanding clientele of over 150 happy customers. Our dedication to providing superior service means that we handle your laundry with care, and use cutting-edge machinery and eco-friendly detergents to provide excellent results.

We are the ideal choice for current launderettes wishing to add a pick-up and delivery service since we offer flexibility and scalability to match your specific requirements. Choose Expandable Local Laundry to handle your laundry and save your time and work.

Grocery Supplier in Queens County New York For Sale

Asking price:  $3,000,000

Annual profit margin: $4,000,000

Cash flow: $1,000,000

Location: Queens County, New York

Reason behind selling: retirement

Established from: 20 years

Assets/furniture value: $50,000

Since it was founded more than 20 years ago, this family-run company has established a strong reputation as the source of all supplies for grocery stores. The company has emerged as a leading retailer of the shields and protective equipment that companies are now adopting to ensure the safety of their consumers. It is simple to negotiate a suitable lease because the seller owns the building.

The owner is selling to retire himself from the daily routine of running a commercial company but is willing to remain at work to offer advice and uphold connections with clients. This is a fantastic company with enormous potential that needs a committed, active owner.

Turnkey Profitable Threading / Waxing Salon in Manhattan for Sale

Asking price:  $35,000

Profit margins: $120,000

Cash in hand needed: below $50k

Reason behind selling: retirement

Location:  Manhattan County New York

Staff members: only two

Established from: six years

Property information: on lease/rented

This outstanding salon is offering services from last 6 years and has a tremendous location as heavy traffic can be on upheld outside. This property is owned with all documentations and proofed performance of the salon. It has 3 wax stations along with 2 waxing rooms. The salon also has separate rooms for microblading and make-up too.

The owner also has a well-established website for this salon that attracts the customers online too.

Auto Repair Center In New York For Sale

Asking price: $295,000

Annual profit: $450,000

Cash in hand needed: $104,000

Location: Suffolk County, New York

Employees: 2 FT

Years of establishment: 10 years

Reason behind selling: other interests

Furniture/assets value: $150,000

An amazing auto-service station that is in the middle of Suffolk County. It provides a variety of automotive services, such as NYS Inspection, authorized repairs, and even on-site dealer licensing. Due to our location on a busy main road, we provide our clients exceptional road visibility and simple access.

The seller and a master technician are the leaders of our knowledgeable team, who guarantee first-rate service. We offer a triple AAA location for used vehicle dealers, with the potential to display and sell our own cars. The buyer has plenty of room to fit roughly 25 cars in the front and 10 more in the back. Don’t miss the chance to buy this running business with a reasonable profit margin.

Business for sale Near me
Business for sale Near me


The bottom lines will suggest you that if you are willing to buy a well-established and profit giving business in the New York city, must visit and prepare yourself to handle the business you like and the budget you can afford. Here are many opportunities and businesses for sale near me. You can visit any time and can contact the brokers to make the final deals. Looking for business for sale near me

Most of the businesses are on lease and rented prices are negotiable. People are selling their running business because of money of them are ready to retire and some of them have personal reasons behind selling their profit-giving business. As we know, the New York City is always a trendsetter in the nation’s economy. And the USA state relies on the capital making of this city. So, you must try here to set an accomplished business near you. Looking for business for sale near me

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