Travel health insurance in the USA, Experts Guide!

Traveling to the USA seems always a fantasy and dreamy when visiting for tourism. But when you travel here for work or studies, you must know all the hidden and possible issues you can face here during your stay. After getting your visa, you must apply for health insurance too, to overcome any health or accidental problem or emergency. For travel health insurance in the USA, Experts Guide is here for you, so you can travel across the state without any problem. In this article, we will discuss in detail all the matters and step-by-step guide about travel health insurance in the USA.

Travel health insurance in the USA
Travel health insurance in the USA

Travel health insurance meanings, a quick guide

TH insurance or medical insurance means you purchase any insurance plan for your international trip, it can be a one-time visit plan or annual plan if you visit or trip frequently. Insurance can compensate you in case you become sick or have an accident or any medical emergency according to the plan you purchase. Travel health insurance can help you cover the medical expenses during your trip which are limited in the plan.

Best travel health insurance in the USA

When traveling to the USA for any reason or purpose, you must have a look at different travel health insurance companies and their plans, so that you can choose the best according to your needs. Here are the best six companies that allow foreigners to apply for travel health insurance online in the USA.

  • Atlas premium and Atlas travel both cover the single person’s medical coverage deductible ($0-$5000) and maximum (up to $ 2 million).
  • Atlas Groups can charge 10% less if you travel in a group of 5 or more.
  • Atlas Multi Trip can be chosen if you travel in the USA many times in a year.
  1. Allianz

Allianz facilitates its insurance holders with One Trip Medical Emergency covers up to $5000 for medical emergencies and about $250,000 for travel emergencies (if the luggage is stolen, damaged, or travel delayed)

  1. IMG Global

Patriot Travel Medical Insurance offers two core policies:

  • Patriot America (for travel in the USA)
  • Patriot International (for travel outside the USA)

Both these plans offer you the maximum coverage, deductible ($0-$2500), and maximum ($50000- 1 million) in any medical emergency.

  1. Seven corners

Liaison Travel Medical Insurance offers you the maximum coverage for five day to one-year trip in the USA. Approximately they offer a compensation of ($10,000-$5millions) and deduct almost ($0-$5000)

  1. Geo Blue

Geo Blue has various Travel Health Insurance plans for you like

  • Voyager (for a single person)
  • Treckers (for multi-tripss)
  • Xplorer (for long-term trips)

This insurance company offers multiple plans according to your need and negotiates its prices, especially for students and long-term workers here. They offer reimbursement maximum from $50,000-$1,000,000 and deduct $0-$500 when you get the policy plan.

6.Trawick International

Trawick International offers five travel health insurance plans. They are as follows

  • Safe travels Outbounds
  • Safe Travels Outbounds Cost Saver
  • Safe Travels Schengen Visa Plan
  • Safe Travels International
  • Safe Travel International Cost Saver

For the trip of 180 days (about 6 months), medical emergency expenses can be covered from $50,000-$500,000 and the deductible amount is $0-$2500 according to the plan.

Who can apply for travel health insurance in the USA?

Any foreigner can apply for travel health insurance who visits the USA for any purpose and have a minimum stay from 5 days to one year. Travel medical insurance can save you money if you become sick or have an emergency health problem because the doctor’s fee and medical facilities cost too high. You should choose any plan wisely from the packages offered by insurance companies. An average Dr charges from $300-$600 and this cost varies depending upon the age and the sickness with laboratory tests.

Travel health insurance coverage plans

Mostly all the health insurance companies cover the following aspects in their plans.

Coverable health problems Non-coverable health problems
Dr’s visit Dental
hospitalization Maternity
Prescription and medicine Pre-existing conditions
Cost of lab and x-ray AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment)
Physical therapy
Emergency service such as ambulance and ER


Can a non-USA citizen apply for travel health insurance?

Can a non-USA citizen apply for travel health insurance? The answer is simply ‘’Yes’. Visitors’ insurance or international health insurance is specially designed for non-USA citizens. They can travel from the USA to any other country and to the USA too and can get medical facilities at a low cost or free as per their chosen plans. These plans are perfectly good for non-American citizens whose resident is here but have no health insurance. These plans could give handsome coverage for medical emergencies if they got any of them.

As we know, medical facilities cost in the united state of America is much higher as compared to other countries in the world. So, travel health insurance is necessary if you are visiting the USA.


After a detailed discussion on travel health insurance in the USA, the expert’s guide says that buying any travel health insurance plan is beneficial for you if you are visiting the United States of America for a minimum of 5 days to 3 months or more. To avoid any medical hurdle or problems regarding your health, you should choose wisely the perfect plan for you because without medical insurance you have to spend thousands of dollars in case you face any kind of accident or sickness there. You can apply for travel health insurance online or can buy any insurance plan from the market agents of a particular insurance company.



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